Sunday, July 28, 2013

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My Latest Work And A Work In Progress And The Story Behind Them


Koi is a painting I completed about a month ago.  She is part of a long series over many years and is #10  .  I just love painting the fantasy concept of fish swimming through a woman's hair.  Some may think she is a mermaid.  I love painting portraits but always like to add a twist with them.  The original is 30x24x1.5 oil and the original is still for sale.

                                                               "Fractured Identity"

I finished "Fractured Identity " a few weeks a go . My husband had a stroke a few months ago and I feel when he mention a few weeks ago that a good name for a band would be "Fractured Identity" it was stating what he was feeling. This image popped in my mind. It seems it can reflect many people's emotions with different obstacles they might be going through.  The painting is 24x18x1.5 oil

                                                   The Coffee Addict work in progress

I am working on this painting right now and hopefully should be done sometime today. Sorry for the bad photo, that's generally how I take my work in progress photo's with my phone till completed by my photo editor.   This painting was an idea I had of someone obsessed with coffee, like she can't get enough of it!  She is a bit messy also that's why she has a whip cream mustache.  Hmm I would say it's time for a coffee break. Follow me here or sign up for my by monthly news letter to see the finished results!
I don't know if the link for signing up for my bimonthly news letter will show up below. I am still pretty new at linking. One can always go to the front page of my website and on the left side is a sign up area also, here is the link to my website also:

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Thanks for looking at my new work! Contact me with any questions and share this blog if you like!  Remember prints of all my work are always available on my website also at

Friday, June 14, 2013

Art: Discouragement Turned Into Determination!

       Recently I have been reflecting on what I do in Life and for a living;  Painting Humor/Surrealistic Art In Oil.  I have been reflecting on it more recently since my husband had a stroke 3 months ago and I now am the main supporter of him,our minor child,me and the whole household. Wondering how I am going to do it just painting and being his full time caregiver. I was thinking to myself in our economic times if I could really do that?  Then was thinking how did I get where I am today with my work,  I have been painting full time now about 7 years, but taught myself to paint starting in 1997 when my fascination with it and my drive for it started and couldn't stop.  I was realizing I still feel as passionate about painting today as I did 16 years ago when I started and get such a natural high from it.  I love to create new works from dreams, nightmares, and strange thoughts that pass through my mind.   I am a very determined artist to make it in the art world.   I even lost my last gallery because I wouldn't be formed into painting cookie cutter art just to make a buck like painting dogs or more cars. Don't get me wrong I paint cars and dogs but I paint them when I want to paint them not just because they would be a big seller. I like to paint what comes to my mind and change often from humor ,surrealism, realism,animals,portraits, crude, just about anything when I feel like it and won't be painted in a corner with the same thing the rest of my life. That would make me PUKE! 
                    I get discouraged when I don't make sales consistently but it turns into determination to make a great painting to get my work noticed even more.   I am obsessed and sooo determined after all these years I sometimes don't know where it comes from! But glad I have it.  It has gave me so much meaning in life, a reason for being here, a mark with my name and I always have believed In what I do with sincere emotion,thought and love for the arts .  I will probably write another blog soon elaborating on all this since I have been going through a tremendous amount with my situation. Oh, my cat died today .  I did a painting of her about 6 months ago I will post also.   Art supporters out there wish me luck and I hope I had some words of wisdom with discouragement turned into Determination. I would love to see your feedback and any help I can offer with finding your own path.   I wish I could share my determination with other artist's that always seemed to be discouraged.  Here are some recent works of mine below and the painting of my cat that passed away today which is called "My Cat's Worst Nightmare"   Thanks for reading my Blog. Here is my website also
'My Cat's Worst Nightmare" RIP Tehlula !

"The Bacon Shortage"   I finished this one about 2 weeks ago
"Sea Lion" I finished this one about a month ago

"Weeping Willow"  I am working on this one right now, a work in progress as we call it. Should be done in a few days.
"Mississippi Sam"  aka Mark Twain or should I say Sam Clemmens lol, I painted this a few months ago

If you want to see my portfolio of more unusual art visit my website where originals and prints are available at   and share my work if you like!   Thanks everyone!   Leah Saulnier

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Help My Family By Spreading My Art

My Husband had a stroke 2 weeks ago at age 44 ,   this is very difficult times now for my daughter and me.   I now need to rely solely on income from my art to keep us going and keep our house. Help support my family in this crisis by spreading my website around. It is really appreciated! Thanks, Leah Saulnier

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Friday, February 8, 2013

What do Kinkade ,sock Monkeys and Mark Twain Have In Common?

Well I painted them in the past month. I will tell you why. I love authors especially Mark twain and Poe. I Love Sock monkeys it was one of my few toys as a child.   I LOVE making fun of Thomas Kinkade just because I love parodies. I would love to see what people think of my latest work!

"Mississippi Sam Aka Mark Twain" 24x30 oil

"Kinkade's Worst Nightmare 2" 24x30 oil

"Preserving Childhood 5 The Baby Sock Monkey"
So there it is my work for the last 3 to4 weeks. Prints and originals available on my website at if you have an questions or want a commission email me

Thanks for looking at my work!   Leah Saulnier

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kinkade's Worst Nightmare Print Special + Dirty Socks and Edgar Allan Poe

The Holidays are approaching fast!  I just started a limited time promotion on 3 of my most popular prints on They are located on the front page of the limited time promotion area.  I posted a link below, not sure if I got it right.

If it doesn't work just go to my website and the limited time promotion button is at the top of the page. 

                            "Kinkade's Worst Nightmare"
The images below and the one above are the print's that are on sale till Oct.24th ONLY,   There are also cards available, so if you want to send humorous Christmas Cards I have many varieties, "Kinkade's Worst Nightmare" is a popular one.
                                                         "Edgar Allan Poe"

                                       "Dirty Socks"

Again here is my website to view all my other work and links to the promotions

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Alfred Hitchcock and Ronald McDonald?

What Do Alfred Hitchcock and Ronald McDonald Have in common?   Well they are 2 of my recent paintings for the Month of September and October so far.   I guess with winter approaching my sense of humor has been coming out more to brighten cloudy days.  So here are some examples of my recent works.  Originals are available through me and prints available on my website at where you can view many more works of mine, Thanks for looking! I would love to hear comments.  Leah

                                                             Alfred Hitchcock

                                                   Fast Food Nightmare- The Happy Meal


                                                              The Pretender

                                                                    Soap Box Derby

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Morning A Story Telling Painting

"Sunday Morning" A story telling commission painting I started a fer weeks ago for a local couple. He owns his own house painting business and she helps in his office. She does quilting ,so I added a partial part of her quilt to her overalls. She was also raised on a dairy farm so I gave her a cow necklace. They have chickens ,this parrot and 4 long haired chihuahua's which I only added 2 and got bit 3 times by them during the photo shoot.They garden is why the tomato plant and sunflower. He is wearing an Army hat in honor of his son that is in special forces in the Army.. I will be delivering this to them in a few days once it dries. Hope they like it! If anyone is interested in a story telling painting down the line keep me in mind! This is 36x48x1.5 oil
Here is a link below for prints , to view it larger and to see my body of quirky work!

Photography Prints